I am told that I was always a curious kid though quite shy and timid. As I grow up, I find a certain boldness surfacing which I voice through my musings. Dramatic as it might appear, I have taken an undying fancy to the brain and to the heart through my biology classes ever since high school. This fetish, I believe, will continue to lead me on the scientific art of AI (would you instead- artistic science?).

Reality plays cloak and dagger with me and I often find myself at crossroads trying to justify every event that I encounter. I am very keen on reading, hearing about things I barely know of and trying to educate myself, multi-tab-ing on the internet(I dont yet do these as much as I would want to) and a couple of other things which sometimes includes just frolicking about for no particular reason.I think that irrespective of our looks and likes and years, we all are puny creatures pumping our fists in the air at our pompous victories and weeping our hearts out when things fall through. Of course we don’t show that and manage to come across as the extremely poised adults that we are. As we grow up, we get better at encasing our deepest consternations in an unfrequented corner in our minds, only to be centered during moments of weakness and despair. This makes me never want to grow up. If only I could get myself to soak in the lessons that I am offered sans judgement and self-critiquing, I would probably be more flexible and as malleable as clay, with no reservations. I am led to believe that a childlike curiosity,an unbeknownst innocence, an unapologetic frankness and a guilt-free vulnerability could be the dogmatic oxygen to breathe in and out of our otherwise stagnant opinions. Thankfully, I am not yet shy of being a sensitive, emotional person who literally answers every question her conscience asks(Doesn’t everyone do that though?). 

In the world that you and I have checked into, reason is the currency to be able to successfully transact as a human being. Its rightly so because our consciousness and our ability to reason is what makes us human, makes us all alike. Notwithstanding our rigidity towards wanting to modify our belief systems in response to our surroundings, we still evolve and have our idiosyncrasies to tell us apart. (Pardon my folly at referring to life as a transaction).These fundamental differences are housed in our minds and are manifested through the opinions we hold. Its somewhere in the labyrinths in the brain that our mind exists and lets us be what we are – indifferent adults or caring humans.  ‘Its all in the mind’ – heard this from a cousin when I was a child and I still cling on to it at my core. 

I love to write on pen and paper, its raw yet polished. And I still gift scribblings to my friends. However, here I write to share my thoughts from mundane events that pique my interest hoping to be able to be an anchor for wandering minds like mine. 

Sashi Kiran.